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Every summer for several years, Díana Júlíusdóttir has moved with her family to a lighthouse in Iceland’s Western Fjords. It is of the remotest places in Iceland: There is no telephone connection, no electricity and to reach the nearest village requires a long trek across high mountains.

Mountains nearly surround them except to the East where the North-Atlantic Ocean breaks against forbidding cliffs. In this apparently inhospitable place the family has found a refuge from modern life, a place where they can live simply, with only each other for company and none of the constant interruptions that plague us in the city.Díana documents this Arctic idyll in an understated style, focusing not on the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape but on the details of family life and their home on the cliffs.

The black-and-white prints have a timeless aura, as if they could have been shot decades or even a century ago. This timelessness is at the heart of Díana’s project, capturing the remoteness of the location and the slow rhythm of life away from the city and all its distractions.  

Written by: Jón Proppé